Wendy Williams Tells Us ‘Be Brutally Honest’

Wendy Williams hosts the nationally syndicated "The Wendy Williams Show"
Wendy Williams hosts the nationally syndicated "The Wendy Williams Show"

Nationally syndicated television talk show host Wendy Williams is a busy woman.  She hosts “The Wendy Williams Show,” is wrapping-up her commitment on “Dancing With the Stars” and hosts the game show “Love Triangle.”  She does all this while working with her husband Kevin Hunter.  We recently spoke with Wendy about how they thrive as a Working Couple, and this is what she shared:

You have to really like each other as friends, and make it work.  My husband is one of the Executive Producers at “The Wendy Williams Show”, we also work together on the game show “Love Triangle” and he’s my manager.  We have a ten-year-old son and we’ve been married 12 years, so I have a really full life….  You have to understand that sometimes you have to be brutally honest with one another.  And your spouse can say things to you that your General Manager at the radio station can’t, so suck it up, go to your Mom Cave, cry your tears, then put your big girl panties on and get back out there.  Because as partners working, at the end of the day when you speak to your partner who is also your spouse, it’s about enriching your business but also your household… We’re live out of New York every day at 10 a.m. (The Wendy Williams Show),  and after the show I’m involved in business meetings and things like that.  A lot of times I’m on the telephone doing those things while I’m commuting back to Jersey where I become “Mrs. Hunter.”  Then I’m supervising homework.  I’m emptying the dishwasher.  I’m not the best cook, but I do have some signature favorites.  I consider myself a pretty good house manager here at our house.  I don’t leave the task of raising my family to others.

To listen to our entire radio interview with the warm and funny Wendy Williams, click here.  Now it’s your turn to share: in which areas of your Working Couple relationship are you brutally honest?  Are there areas where you can’t be honest because it would hurt the business or relationship?  Post your comments below on the topic of honesty in your working relationship.

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