These Seeds Don’t Work

orange-1117645_1280A guy goes to his friend’s house, and he’s starving. He sees a huge orange tree in the backyard and notices it’s loaded with fruit. His friend is never hungry because every day he gets up and grabs beautiful oranges off the tree and eats them.

So the guy asks, “How in the world did you get these oranges?”

His friend replied, “It’s really simple. Inside the oranges I found these seeds. I planted these seeds, and now I have all the oranges I could possibly eat!”

The guy thinks, “I’ll never be hungry again!” He runs home, plants the seeds in the ground and goes to bed.

The next morning he runs outside, excited to see his tree full of big beautiful oranges. But there’s nothing there. That’s when the guy realizes he was ripped off: these seeds don’t do anything. These seeds don’t work!

What the man didn’t know is that the seeds DO work. They just take patience. In time, he would have a big beautiful tree. And from that tree, and the many oranges that are produced, he would have an orchard. Then he could share bounty from that orchard with another friend who had an apple orchard. And he could share with a person who had chickens with eggs. He would have almost anything in life he could want.

It all started with one orange seed.

A lot of us are like that. We get frustrated when things aren’t taking root quickly enough. In your romantic relationship there may have been an initial burst of fireworks, but did respect show up overnight? No, you planted the seeds of respect.

orange-166982_640The seed of kindness was planted when you truly listened with compassion as she shared her problems at work. The act of service seed was planted when you enthusiastically helped him move all the boxes into his new apartment without complaining. These tiny seeds of respect will mature into a mighty orchard over the years. But it doesn’t happen overnight.

What seeds are you planting in your relationship today? Be aware that the actions and words you exchange with your partner today are planting your relationship of tomorrow. Are you planting kindness and respect? Or frustration and dissatisfaction?

These seeds DO work! Choose your seeds wisely.


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