Treat Your Spouse Like a VIP Client

Don’t you love to be treated like a rock star? We read a great story in “The Nordstrom Way to Customer Service Excellence” by Robert Spector and Patrick D. McCarthy. To paraphrase, a woman made a last-minute Nordstrom shopping trip before heading to the airport. After she left, the salesperson realized the woman accidentally left her airline ticket at the store. What did the saleswoman do? She hailed a cab, drove to the airport and hand-delivered the ticket to her customer with a warm smile. Isn’t that incredible? Nordstrom is famous for treating customers like a rockstar, and as a result we return again and again.

Now let’s play a game. Let’s use the same story about the woman who was shopping at Nordstrom; however, this time replace the woman in the story with your husband or wife. What would happen in your home if your spouse is the one who left an airline ticket on the kitchen counter? Would you graciously grab that ticket and race to the airport to deliver it with a smile? Or would you curse your loved one under your breath and bemoan how inconvenient this is for you– you are busy and don’t have time for this stupidity.

Frequently, we treat our most important clients with kindness, compassion and forgiveness. Unfortunately, that changes at home when we are overwhelmed with juggling carpool, soccer practice and dinner plans– we forget to extend the same courtesy to our spouse. Today treat your spouse like you would treat your most important customer. Have a spirit of kindness and helpfulness… it will definitely Ignite Your Couple Power!

With Love,
Gene & Julie
The Working Couple Network