You Got Valentine’s Day All Wrong

love-1662880_1280You got it all wrong: Valentine’s Day is not about chocolate, flowers and fancy dinner.

The thing we love about Valentine’s Day is it’s the one day of the year to slow down and think about LOVE.

Do you remember when you were a kid at school and you wrote a valentine to everybody in your classroom? You tried to think about one nice thing to say about everyone. How great was it to find the one kind thing you could say about everyone you came in contact with on a daily basis? When you slow down, you know you can find one nice thing to say about everybody. And when you started saying nice things about other people, you started to feel better about yourself and have a more optimistic point of view. Plus, you showed them love—and not everyone gets enough of that in today’s distracted, disruptive world.

So, that’s what Valentine’s Day is about to us: it’s taking one day a year and remembering to love and appreciate other people. While you might not be passing out valentines to everyone you come in contact with on a regular basis, there’s nothing wrong with writing down one thing you like about the people around you and dropping them a little note. It makes them feel better, it makes you feel better and it takes the pressure off of having the perfect Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day– we appreciate YOU!

Gene & Julie

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